Kiwis dont know how to have a gaytime

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IT’S hard to have a Gaytime in New Zealand.

Or at least, a Gaytime as we know it. Believe it or not, the iconic ice cream has a very different name across the pond: the Cookie Crumble.

This disturbing fact was highlighted by Reddit user livelyraisins, who posted a picture of the boringly vanilla-and-toffee ice cream yesterday.

Just another reason why New Zealand is the worst state, wrote Actionman158. RandomUser1076 said the scandal called for a Royal Commission. We need to pull these Streets people into line, they wrote.

This isnt the first time Aussies have discovered the disappointing reality of Gaytime in New Zealand. A similar post on Reddit in 2014 attracted more than 200 replies.

In a statement, a spokesman for Unilever told The ice cream product that we know as Gaytime has always been called Cookie Crumble in New Zealand.

Its not uncommon for ice cream brands (as well as other consumable brands) to have different names in other countries.

So whats the reason for the bizarre name change? It turns out, Kiwis dont need Australians to show them how to dip a chocolate stick in honeycomb biscuits.

Gaytime Supercones, an ice cream brand manufactured by New Zealand dairy company Goodman Fielder, lays claim to the Gaytime mantle in the land of the long white ice cream.

The first Golden Gaytime by Streets was released in Australia in 1959. According to the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturing Association, the rival Gaytime Goldmine launched in 1964.

It was later taken over by Tip Top but the brand was retained for some time, and survives today as Gaytime Supercones. Ironically enough, Streets recently launched its own Gaytime cone, the Gaynetto.

For lovers of Gaytime, thats just how the Cookie Crumbles.